N E W  Y O R K


Friday Feb. 9

Cousines Like Sh*t - 7:45 pm
Manager - 8:30 pm
Break Out Day - 9:15 pm
The Vonghouls - 10 pm

at Gold Sounds Bar
44 Wilson Ave., Bushwick
Brooklyn, NY


Be sure to grab the Von Ghouls' latest vinyl-only EP

"Venom in his Soup"

as heard on WMFU's Teenage Wasteland starring Bill Kelly


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****bonus track here!****

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At The Stone Pony , Asbury Park, NJ

The Vonghouls in Little Steven's Underground Garage Competition in Asbury Park, NJ with The Charms from Boston plus Meagan Brothers, and Somebody's Muther (Detroit), Brian Wilson Shock Treatment, The Anything People, Subway Surfers, Black Tie Revue (Pittsburgh) and more

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