YOU THERE! Go straight to on-demand archives of incred-o-ble garage and punk, early rock surf and rarities, hand picked by expert deejays with fine experience picking gems. Listen online now!

Still not sure what garage rock is? And what is garage punk? Read all about it in the column Garage-Punk Garage, appearing formerly in More Sugar, Westchester County, NY's music newspaper.

Bill Kelly's Teenage Wasteland
Click the link to hear a few years worth of two hour broadcasts available. Bill Kelly is a WFMU jock since 1978, before all the pretenders bellied up! He is the all-encompassing iya-toldya of garagiola! He's the King of Sunday eves and the first to spin the Vonghouls! Aiiiee! Access archived shows or listen live Sundays 7pm-9pm and get tingles where they shouldn't be! See also his Sirius Satellite show below, yet another way to hear BK's tasties!

Dave The Spazz
*HIGH RECOMMENDATION* WFMU jock who holds Spazzstock events once in a while, plays in local band The Yams and publishes rawk books too. Tons of archives available just by clicking. His show is live Thursdays 8pm-11pm EST, primetime! He likes obscure Northern soul and early R&B tunes, and stuff that's a bit more on the primitive side, going with his constant "monkey" themes. Clever sound clips between songs. Some good interviews too -the Muzic to Spazz By is the serious joint!

Little Steven's Underground Garage
Nationally syndicated show on hundreds of stations, plus runs a Sirius satellite channel called Underground Garage, 24-seven! Also played Silvio on HBO's The Sopranos and guitarist for Springsteen's E Street Band who dresses like a swashbuckler. He's personally trying to save rock n'roll, but ming! what a job it is. Click to go straight to show archives since the first show in 2002 where you can start with show #1 going to his latest show. Some brief commercial breaks, but hardly any sponsors!

Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna on Sirius
Now archived! Joan's taste is right on the mark and her Sirius satellite show on Little Steven's Underground Garage channel begs the question what took ya?! Kenny Laguna, her partner in crime is my fave living bubblegum-producer with tons of color commentary and boss stories! And who's better then JJ? Also archived now are the channel's other fine shows by the "originator" BILL KELLY, the inimitable KIM FOWLEY, the Stones' own ANDREW LOOG OLDHAM and Motor City Knockout KO MELINA. Anyway you slice it You win!

Very knowledgable garage/punk expert Evert Nijkamp from a far off place, called the "Netherlands". Has lots of organized, useful info on thousands of garage bands, labels, discographies with links but you'll mostly want to go to hear 175 or so fine 1-hour gar-punk streams. He's really got his ear to the ground and is up on the good NEWER stuff - trust him! Uses Java, or something....just click his RADIO menu choice and listen now, it's for freee!

The consummate interviewer, Nardwuar The Human Serviette has a show on CITR radio out of Vancouver. Always highly pre-researched and keeps interviews moving, never a dull moment. Don't be put off by the high-pitched squealing voice, he interviews all and always gets the poop or dies trying. See why everything has to have a "Canadian connection" and what "BaBoom!" means, and do buy into the "doo doodle doo's", it's fun! Hundreds of hours of interviews with punks rockers, celebs, semi-celebs, nuts, rappers, and has beens, but it's always interesting. Highlights: Jello Biafra!! Tommy Chong, Geddy Lee, Henry Rollins, Misfits with Tommy Ramone, The Avengers, Wesley Willis, Gwar, White Stripes, PANDORAS and MUFFS AT DISNEYLAND! You can always tell which celebs are jagoff by how badly they treat Nardwuar. Use the pop-up menu to choose an interview.

The Hound
What we're gonna do her is go BACK, back to 1985! Here presented by The Hound are prime skads of jumpin' three chord early rock n'roll rumblers, primal garage before there was the "neo-garage-comeback", mixed in with the punk n' trash sensibilities of the co-owner of NYC's Lakeside Lounge when he was a venerable vinyl vanguard, spinnin' WFMU listeners into a tizzie!

Garage Hangover
Chas Kit's way out website details the doings of the obscurest 60s garage bands from all over the planet, posting pics and mp3's for the snaggin'! Also has a blog baring the backstories of the bands, with rare shots of vinyl labels, sleeves, promo snaps, flyers and more!

Jonesville Station
Another WFMUer, Glen Jones is a soft spoken feller who has good interviews. Juicy rock history stuff, like Eric Burdon, Billy J. Kramer, Genya Ravan, Little Richard, Ian Hunter, The Funk Brothers, Alice Cooper, Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna, NY Dolls, Johnnie Johnson, Uncle Floyd and tons more. Coolest of all is the intro by Mets announcer Bob Murphy!

Lost Girl Group Gems of the 60s
We all know the Shangri-las, Vandellas and Marvelettes, but what about the gals that time forgot? The Crystals and Reparata & the Delrons start off this broadcast from Test Pattern on WZBC (Newtown, MA) which aired April 2002. Superlative tunage from The Cookies, The Gingersnaps, The Girlfriends (on Colpix!), The Birdies, Patty & The Petticoats, Dorothy Berry, The Hollywood Jills, The Revlons and a drag-strip set including Susan Lynn. "Love Kitten" by Noreen Cocoran totally bops! Plus unreleased stuff from the Andantes and the famed Crystals cut "Do the Screw" with a pissed off Phil Spector! Ever hear the original Pandoras from Boston? Well off you go!

Cheese it, the Kopp! Garpunk DJ from KDHX FM in St. Louis - a bit more midwest-centric. Kopp runs a good Garage Punk message board, really, and hosts the Wayback Machine, a good fookin' radio show, but alas poor yorich, no archives - you have to tune in at the designated time coordinates. Monday nights, 8:00-10:00PM. So you'll probably wanna try the others first, but if I lived in Missouri, I'd want to hang with Jeff Kopp.

The Trash Can
Long time Helsinki radio pirate Mike Spenser of the Cannibals, also one of the late John Peel's fav rockers, brings you the best in garage rock sounds, served nicely on a garbage pail lid for the trash fans of London. MP3 or Real Audio streaming but no on-demand archives so you gotta click Resonance 104.4 FM, London, UK on Saturday 3:30-4:30pm GMT - that's London-time, mate. Smells bad, but we like! 10 min. sample here.

Terre T
And the T is for tall! The Cherry Blossom Clinic show on WFMU. She spins great retro garage, psych, punk, has live bands and announces local shows pretty ex-tensively. Starts every show with the same psycho-ward tune from The Move, but hey, everyone's gotta have a theme song. Highlights: Knife Skills, Shonen Knife, Gore Gore Girls, Embrooks...

Penny Dreadful
Penny hosts 'Black Leather' on Fridays from 12-3PM eastern time on WSMU out of North Dartmouth, MA. She twists a mix of punk, rockabilly, psychobilly, surf, 60s style garage rock, goth/deathrock,İbubblegum rock, glam and other coolness. The show, in general, has a spooky bent to it as Penny is quite the horror movie nut.

Joe Belock
WFMU jock with a great punk show, Three-Chord Monte - has live guests and interviews too. The show is live Tuesdays Noon-3pm EST. Another rascally rabbit! Click for tons of streams - be sure to check out The Undertones live, The Danny Fields and Ramones interviews, etc.

Our first podcast
Show sampler made for a 2009 Brooklyn gig with '66 NJ garage legends The Doughboys plus us, The Vonghouls, The Beat Rats + The Tight White Jeans

Los Aarones
I've been on a detour since I heard these bubblepunks who I think are Spanish but from Finland - or something. Maybe they're lost. But they are on Amp Records and they have psycho hot rod art covers so they must be mongo-hip! Download tunes now!

Concert Calendar
What would a garage/punk scene be without Live Shows?? Check this link for the current calendar, maintained so nicely by Blair B. The main venues 'round here are Maxwells, Southpaw, Asbury Lanes, Otto's Shrunken Head, sometimes CBGBs, and see so-so-so many others here.