The Transylvanian Way
Weight of the World
The Trash Can
It Can't Be Me
The Quake
White Faces
Road Warrior
Harlot's Web
The All-Seeing Eye
Down in Vietnam
Speed Limit 55
Price To Pay
Haunting Me
Wedding Bells are Ringing (From the Grave)
Generation Lost
All Of My Love
War Face
Cheap Motel
Naked Lush
Lil' Hottie



Home, I have no home
I've been away
for far too long
Spread my wings and fly
Away into the darkness of the night time sky

I hear voices calling me
Voices Calling out
There's no choice in front of me
No Choices now
I have Got to find my way to Transylvania
It's the Transylvanian Way

Sun, can't see the sun
I hide away and hear the voices urging
she could be the one to save me
An unsuspecting virgin

There's a creature on the streets and it's on the prowl
There's a beast inside of me and it's coming out
I have got to find my way to Transylvania
It's the Transylvanian Way

Hunted, despicable beast
eternally condemned to this dream
It's an overwhelming, neverending,
schizophrenic Transylvanian movie scene

Alone, I'm so alone
I wait, in the shadows of the night
Scream, I hear you screaming baby
See the terror in your eyes
Don't you worry, don't you cry
Don't you make a sound
From the ether shall I rise
It's almost over now
Come away with me we'll fly to Transylvania
it's the Transylvania Way



Lay in the coffin
that's what they want me to do
but I don't believe them
elieving is seeing

I am the eye
The All Seeing Eye
I can fly
into the night

You gotta do something
that's what they tell me to do
but can you deal with nothing
that's my question to you
all of you!

I am the All-Seeing Eye
Wow! Lighter then heather
I can fly into the night time sky
higher then measure

I can fly
The All-Seeing Eye
To another dimension
And I cry
It's the flight of ascension

Woman is the wind
she changeth like the weather
changeth like the weather
dance light feather
break your tether
Because the woman is the wind
woman is the wind
woman is the wind

The eye of the needle
the eye of the storm
The eye of the tiger
The eye of the eagle
the eye of the dark lord
the Eye of Agamotto
the sense of the spider

The eye in the sky
looking around
looking all over
the eye of the beholder

The eye, The All-Seeing Eye



Everybody needs you, everybody sees you
That's the price to pay
Everybody wants you, everybody want to
make you theirs

Everybody's choosing, everybody's using you
Don't know what they're doing, everybody's ruined you

You could end up D.O.A.
or you could wind up M.I.A.
The Kennedys were blown away
That's the price
the price to pay

Everybody's freaking, everybody's seeking you
Everybody's coming, everybody's bugging out

Everybody's screaming, everybody's fiending now
Everybody's shouting, everybody's crowding round

Every place they look the same
Everybody knows your name
J.F.K. was blown away
That''s the price
Tthe price to pay to pay

You could end up comatose
an accidental overdose
wind up like that game show host


Tuck that tummy, lift that face
anything but age with grace
hey man that's a nice toupee
Hey man, that's the price to pay

You could end up paranoid
A one hit wonder
null and void, your life devoid



The weight of the world just bearing down
but we just keep on carrying it
They pull our strings and kick us around
it makes me feel like a marionette

This house of cards / they said we would never stay together
This house of cards / Holding on against the stormy weather
Your mama and your dad really got mad when we tried to break away
we tried to make a home, we had to go it alone
We had no money and we had no clothes
Working every day in the cold and the snow
Scraping every dime, All we had was time

This house of cards / The innocence just couldn’t last forever
But we held on - Through all the thick and thin, the pain and pleasure

Well you just never know how the hand will go, Or how the cards will play
can we build another story? It's all in the draw
With the staggering rents and the tragic events
it seemed the cards were stacked against us, every day was hard - carefully placing cards

The cards keep coming, just piling on
Every card is more challenging to fit
So don’t get shaky baby if it’s mighty hard
So far baby we have been handling it
So far we have been managing
So far we have been balancing ...this house of cards



I saw a vision
In the haze...
It was a man
From far away

I saw the pain
I saw the pain was on his face

And he had come for gasoline
And he was brave
But he took only what he needed
and went away

Oh please don't go away

Road Warrior, Road Warrior
Don't you run away
From us now
Road Warrior
How did we ever get this way?

It wasn't long
till he returned
Them bikers took him down
He was banged up, he was burned

But still alive
This time he came down from the sky

And from then
we'd understand
that we were stronger all together
and we came up with a plan

To drive that trailer down the road
We would fill it full of sand
And we'd escape

Road Warrior, Road Warrior
Don't you roll away
From us now
Road Warrior
How did we ever get this way?

Run, you can't run away
You can't run away from yourself
Go, oh warrior
You can't go away
Somewhere else

'Cause when your turning in circles
You're only starting out
at the end
of a long, long, long road
How'd we get this way?

Road Warrior, Road Warrior
Don't you go away
From us now
Road Warrior
How did we ever get this way?



I can hardly wait
I can hardly wait, it's like a dream
It can't be me

I can hardly wait
I'm in a state of disbelief to see you look at me
or smile in this direction
It can't be me

Cause I've been watching you for a long time
with a love that lays awake
I'll pine away forever
until you say you will come around for a date
I can hardly wait
I can hardly wait
It can't be real that you would come and talk to me
This can't be happening
It can't be me

Cause it's something they don't understand
it's everything you do
The sheer impossibility that you would turn to me and say
It's true, it's true

I can hardly wait
I can hardly wait, it can't be real that this is happening
No, it can't be me



I remember the day we met
you were so full of life
playing so hard to get

I was denied, I cried but I kept in stride
I knew one day you're gona be my bride

Black clouds when they put you down
six feet under I went sniffing around
and I got me the shakes when I uncovered the case
I couldn't wait to look upon your face

Oh, you're so cold
To have and to hold

Full moon it was a starry night
when I would pick you up and put you in my ride
looking statuesque in your veil and dress
and oh so dreamy from the beauty rest

It was midnight we were making time
we hit the interstate heading for the county line
riding shotgun in my pickup truck
girl you can lean on me cause I will prop you up

Oh, my love is true
my love is borrowed baby
my love is blue
Planting little kisses on the stitches on your neck
or feel your
body getting colder with every passing sec


I knew one day that I could have her
join me in the everafter
me and her were meant to lie in state
a paranormal, supernatural marriage
in a funeral chapel
Wedding bells are ringing from the grave
from the grave...

You didn't want to know me, no
you wouldn't give up the ghost
now I may not have your loving
but at least I have the host

Let's skip all the formality
all your fears away
Cause wedding bells are ringing
Wedding bells are ringing from the grave

BONUS GAME! Can you find the hidden subliminal lyrics in this song? Words to look for: Cadaver, Necrophelia, Formaldehyde


The Quake (apologies to the Surfaris)

Brothers look what we found, people standing all around
They got their hands in their pockets and their feet on the ground
But there's a new dance craze making waves
It's got a funny name but it's all the rage

It's a dance sensation with no rules or regulations
restrictions, conditions, steps or stipulations
what would it take, now what would it take
to do what you want to mama
Everybody's gonna do The Quake

Like a rattle snake it's as easy as cake
It's a breeze to proceed if you want to partake
Anything goes, you can wiggle your toes
any move is cool any position or pose
It's the dance presentation with the most reverberation
a cosmic, seismic, stomping celebration
You can do it too, just quiver like a fool
yeah there's nothing to remember
when you tremble with the tremors of The Quake

Now I'm talking to the people up in here
that still won't dance, they're looking down in a beer
You can start it out slowly moving side to side
Do the "white man's shuffle" or the "clap and glide"
Then you flick your hips like a spastic crip
getting busy getting dizzy in the midst of the pit
Get freewheel-freaky, flail around like a flake
Cause it's off the mot#erfu¢k!ng richter scale
It's called The Quake



Speed Limit 55
The only thing keeping me alive
My heart is full of ruined desire
I'm driving wild with my eyes on fire

I know I'm not a muscle man
But I always do the best I can for you
You put me on and you put me out
I'm driving 55 straight southbound

Did I treat you right
Kept you up at night
and it made you crazy
Girl it made you cry
You kept it all inside
Speed Limit 55
I'm in the red and I'm driving blind
I dunno just where this road will end
So watch me crash and burn in hell

I see warning flares
and the headlights glare
And the sirens blaring, burning into my mind
Everything fades tonight, everything fades tonight


Haunting Me

Lying here awake
I remember the dream
On a subway train
with you right next to me

Had a dream, had a dream of you
It felt so real but it wasn't true
Now that dream, still haunting me
With the blackest of blues
That dream of you

Well I tried so hard, but it took a long while
I said something so stupid it finally made you smile
And without any word, and without a sound
I felt your hand on top of mine, and my heart went POW!

Night time dreaming carries me away
Wondering maybe somewhere if you feel the same
Maybe this is more then a dream
Maybe it's a message sent to me
Baby, we were meant to be
Do you want me too? Or was it all just a dream?
A dream of you!

Had a dream, had a dream of you
It felt so real but it wasn't true
Now that dream, still haunting me
With the blackest of blues
That dream of you


WHITE FACES (Roky Erickson)
Misheard by Jake
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Because the beast
Be cause sharp teeth
the devil so red, his fiery evil's near

White Faces, white faces
They always call so beautifully
Burning temples, levitating churches
Always got the white of the devil in me

The fact! The fact of demonism is real
Fangs gnashing, it's the real deal
As images appear

White faces, white faces always call so beautifully
Burning temples, levitating churches
Always got the white of the devil in me


Colorful crucifixion,
filling in the circle black
Fire breathing, fire breathing
With the serpent's tongue awag

White faces, white faces always call so beautifully
Burning temples, levitating churches
Always got the white of the devil in me



Picture a battalion on our bellies in the rain
Blistering gook cannonfire strikes cleft our ranks in twain
the ammo trunk runnin' plenty shy
contemplating how I'll die
what I've done and where I've gone so wrong
Down in Vietnam

The message that you wrote me made me violent
Grinding guts and disbelieving tears distort your ink
Letters home have wrecked my soul
A tragedy. I'm dead and gone
Underneath the apathetic sky
Down in Vietnam



You don't know just what it's like living in this land
at the end of a club in shackled hand

All the day long out beneath the sun's relentless rays
in pure tumult, the jackals bray

You could say you don't believe in devils
in devils, in devils
I can tell you I have seen the devil
Believe me, he's evil

As a child I witnessed brave men dying by the sea
the smell of blood
the screaming women flee

Suffering you cannot fathom, like a loudness in your brain
a generation lost
their bodies washed away

You can say you've never seen a devil
a devil, a devil
I can tell you I have seen the devil
believing is seeing

If you choose not to obey (DEATH!)
If you don't comply like the rest (DEATH!)
Right where you stand (DEATH!)
There you will lay

If you choose flight or escape (DEATH!)
if you don't comply....

The devil will drag you into a hole
won't let go
He will fight you for your soul
Can't say no

I can tell you I have seen the devil
believe me, he's evil
I can you I have known the devil
believe me, he's evil



Don't you know that I wrote my love a letter
and drew a little picture
and sent it all together
just to find it later
when I was looking through her trash can

After long I wrote a little song
and I put it on a record
and made a special pressing
and I sent it with a message
just to find it in her trash can

I was a fan of her band
I put her pictures on my wall
I talk to her when she's not there
but she don't say nothing at all

Don't you know that I'm holding on to hope
and i won't give up the ghost
and so I wrote another note
but I found that letter a little later
in the litter of her trash can

I couldn't go to the show
because the order of protection
What does the judge think she's trying to prevent
It's not like I shot the president
Like Jodie Foster's stalker
when he sought her affection


Don't you know that I paid a little visit
I knocked upon her door
until someone said who is it
Was surprised when I heard it was a guy
and I knew it was my last stand
I could have cried
to realize she had a husband
And I never knew there was so much room
inside the trash can



In the darkness
bloody darkness
there's a woman, there's a woman

Stands before him
lays the law down
pulls his draughers down

He knows not what he does
just signed the deal in blood
She's gone inside his head
he's caught in a harlot's web

He knows not what he does
just swallowed a fatal drug
she's gunning for his head
He's caught in Harlot's Web

He's caught
in a trap
the temple of the rat
go get some help
protect yourself
Confucious said:
"Beware the web"



Every day we reinvent the wheel
every day, every time, every night, all of the time
But I lose my sense when I'm wrapped around you
every night, every morning, every time all of the time

All of my love, all of my love
I have got to give
every night, every morning
All that I have, all that there is to

Every kiss, Every fear, every touch, every year
every moment, every dream, every thing baby everything

All of my love, all of my love
I have to give you
every evening, every morning
all of the time, all of the night

I have got to give
every night, every morning
All that I have, all that there is to

Want you, need you
T ell you straight as an arrow
right in the eye, deeper inside
going down to the marrow

into the heart, into my blood
and nerve sensations, every pulse
every breath, every memory, every step, every cell

All of my love, all of my love
I have got to give
every night every morning
All that I have, all that there is to

Every kiss, every morning, every tear, every dawn
every moment, every time all of the time all of the night


Living a lie, just closing your eyes
drowning out the constant guilty tugging
going on deep inside

You made a mistake, now it’s too late
you want to see the consequence
of wrecking a little boy’s life

You had a little child but you let the kid down
you didn’t stick around to see his faces
when he laughed and he cried

Running again, run to the end
try to escape the problems
and the headaches you created lady

Turning inside, burning inside
Feel a fever rising up and raging
like a burning tide

Dying inside, crying inside
Looking for the answers to the questions
that are plaguing my mind

The troubles I’ve known, struggled alone
you had to go out chase your tail
in circles going all around

Sorrow and blame, afraid and ashamed
mortified to think of all the years
that have just wasted away

Yearning inside, churning inside
You wanted your way, got it,
and changed the rules of the game

Hurting inside, hurting inside
You had your cake and ate it
made the others come and cater to you

Now I’m a sixteen year old misfit,
and I’m standing in the rain
and I’ve got nowhere left to go,
there’s no one who will take me
I could curse this bitter life,
question what the fates have dealt me
the hardship, struggle, strife,
the legacy of hell you left me
nothing stops the pain,
the agonizing throb of torture
poison rolls through every vein
every drop reminds me
of the only life I’ve known,
it’s getting hard to function
in a blur it’s all gone wrong,
this godforsaken world I never made

War Face

Well I wake up, I read the paper today
and the union man said
my job was taken away

Turn on the TV, there is he is on the screen
Make up on his cheek is the first thing I see
And I get up, and I can’t even tell

what the radio says is truth
from lies that they sell
and it’s later than I ever did sleep
and I turn to the page
where the jobs used to be

I got callous on my hands
I got callous on my hear
I got malice in my plans
I’m a shadow in the dark

And I get up and there’s nothing to eat
and there’s nothing to do so I head for the street
and I look up, I see the statues of saints
with tears in their eyes, they’re telling me to go on
Put on your war face

Look at the man, the man with the tie
the ties that bind, the lying smiles
they revise or deny the truth you can find
but you can’t describe it right in the eye
War face, put on your war face

And let me tell you people,
it can never be too soon
to go right way back


Fine little hottie
she's a hot tamale
no doubt about it
got a hot karate body
chick's so kicking
she flicks my ignition
wicked, bewitching
fire in the kitchen

Whoa! She's undulating
See the way she's so
Wo! Baby let's get naked
Just can't take it
Can you make it shake baby?

Fine little hottie
hell's kamikaze
hellcat's pajamas
gotta get the party started
loose scooter groupie
shooting off her uzi
a nudie-loop cutie
with a lulu of a booty, yeah!

She's the one, the only one
to go the extra, to get it done
bitch on a mission
switching them positions
guessing, keeps me
itchin n' twitching...

She's the one
the only one
to go the distance
and overcome
hip and twisted
with a sick disposition
trippy chicky
ripe n' ready for the picking

Jeezus lord
almighty Gawd
Hips Ahoy
Man overboard
Little tail wagging
ready for the shagging
Damn good looking
Danno book em
Bag 'em, tag em baby, Yeah!


If you've got an ass to grind
You better take a listen
to your second mind
Downtown waiting at the station
patience fading and I'm hating
The way that you make me
wrestle with my mind
cause you haven't got a life
and you're wasting my time

I know you want to hurt me bad
You're looking for something
that you never had
Sell your soul
for a night's entertainment
cost of your life is the price
of the payment
Looking for a mother

and a brother and a sis
and you're hating like Satan
as you're driving off a cliff

Check out the chick
with a little bit of lipstick
motor overloaded
reading danger on the dipstick
my mind is racing
and my body's getting stiff
cause you're scheming
like a demon
that is riding off a cliff

I know you want to say goodbye
but you keep coming around
with that look in your eye
Crazed and craven
braying like a raven
Listen to the whisper
but I don't know what your saying
Engine in the red
and the tranny needs to shift
and you haven't got a dime
and you're running out of time
And you haven't got a prayer
No you haven't got a right mind
And you haven't got a dream
and you always make a scene
and it's all come to this
Yeah you're driving off a cliff


I been out there chasing rainbows all my life
working all the time
is weighing on mind
There ain't nothing 'tween the couch and the TV
I hope that you will see
It doesn't make you free

City days, city nights
You're running for the light
with diamonds in your eyes
In a blink, we were dancing in the pink
underneath a neon sign

I can't tell you all the things that I have seen
on them dirty streets
girls that really mean so well
It ain't like that you or I ain't never fell
the things you wouldn't tell
Wind up in a cheap motel

City days, city nights
Your skin is ghostly white
your perfume is divine
Like a glossy magazine
The pages of a dream
A scene in a motel

So alone
You can hear the devils calling
They get when you're fallen
They got you when you fell
Like a fale to gasoline
you're sending out a scream
from a cheap motel

So alone, so alone
Everybody's so alone

you're a prisoner in a cell
a victim of yourself
hiding in a shell
of how we used to meet
out there in the street
and wind up at a cheap motel

City days, city nights
this sleazy city life
got us fighting for a dime
Just a wink
brings you closer to the brink
and closer to the check out time

So alone, so alone
everybody's so alone

So alone, so alone
everybody's so alone


One starry night
I saw a girl
she caught my eye
I played it cool, played it oh so cool,
I was afraid of love
but secretly I prayed for some
she gave me some
this naked lush

We made a love
we stayed in love
for years until it changed
into a faded love
the cruelest game ever played
was played on us
then it was too late for us
then it was our fate for faded love

we made a run
we were so young
we didn't know just where to go
or who to trust
when they're blaming us

no matter what they cannot take
your taste, your touch
you're in my blood
you're in my blood forever
naked lush

Oh naked lush
I can't erase
or shake that face
I can't forsake or take away
the way we loved
I wouldn't trade
I wouldn't change a thing we done

even if we turned to rust
even if we turned to dust
my love




Lyrics © A.O.K. Publishing except White Faces © Roky Erickson.