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Pearl White Malady #1 (32 pages in progress)

Cover art.
Pearl White Malady is a collaborative comic inked, colored and lettered by many students at Bronx Park MS and New Directions Secondary School.

Mal plays “Pearl White” a costumed employee of ‘Eisneyworld’ who snuck off into a vacant unused laboratory with a male companion for a little make-out session. Suddenly the lights go on and terminally ill Wilt Eisney himself is wheeled in and cryogenically frozen for posterity, trapping the two youths with him! Many centuries later, the chamber is cracked open by fierce mutated beasts who now roam the land! Yes, the Earth has changed radically – radioactive creeks, mountains of techno-debris, volcanic gritstorms and toxic deathclouds set the backdrop for roving flocks of flesh-hungry winged demons. Mal’s young male friend makes an early exit, abducted by a 6-story mandrill-harpie. Mal finds herself alone fighting off the terrifying creatures of the new dawn, accompanied only by the resurrected body of ol’ Wilt whose head is missing, but the radioactive bio-lava running through his bloodstream has seemed to do wonders for his health! Wilt accompanies good-girl Malady through this harrowing adventure, encountering demonic monstrosities and the last of the Cat people, trying to find a way to survive, searching for safety and the lost macrochip which only contains the recorded history of the universe! 
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Pearl White Malady #2
(14 pages in progress)

Pearl White Malady #3
(35 pages in progress)

Pearl White Malady #4
(27 pages in progress)

Avengers “U-do” Comics
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